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tv   Jesse Watters Primetime  FOX News  January 31, 2024 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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tres, tres. gallagher. i'd like to trace gallaghef anr kat timpf and tyrus. >> that's tonight, 10 p.m.. a >> jessica okay, we're low on time. want to make sure dana gets in. so just an announcement. i'm going out to los angeles. i'm going to do real time with bill maher on frida y, and i'll be out all next week. for those of you who despise mel ,good luck. brok'lbe fun tl be fun to watch. oh, there's this little. y so watch your mouth. jenny. years old, broke out of his yard, once known to the horror of his own messacebook. local >> janet, she posted a message on facebook. they said, hey, don't worry. we found him at the bar. ohr and he wl i, down at the l. and he was all set. his name is bear and he is fine, but he know how to go there because she took him e. re on tim >> i can always find the bear, the ball was on the jesse watters primetime tonight. ctim >> there's families of victims here today. have you apologized to the victimhe.d to thes? like i would you like to do so now? well, they're here.televi you're on national televisionsi hoping politicians solve
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your problems. >> good luck. we're going to get back books. we're going to do we're going to get swag. we're going to use it for travel. i think you can do that. fannie's office caught using public money as a piggy bank this summer is the hottest on record. >>summer is the ho 2023 is set t the warmest year on record. the hottesrd ot year on record. climate scientists literally caught cooking the books. >> was one of the oldest tales in greek mythology. >> the story of pandora. zeus w >> zeus was angrasy and ordered the creation of pandora to usea as a weapon. historians described her aapon.n evil, hidden in beauty. yes, pandora was beautiful, he s but inside she was artificial, a lifelike androids sentto pun
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to earth to punish humans for discoverin g fire.. >> humans would be punished with zeus's wrath fors. their dangerous discoveries. >> the idea of a beautiful cyborg coming from another universe to punish humanity has been engraveod in the variousugt cultures throughout the world from ancient allegory to sci fi books to the big screen. stop, avon. i said, stop. >> but what if the digital revolution is really a war? can'r that we're losing, a war that we opened up and can't put back in the box? look around at the dinnerable tables in the country. >> families and friends.s aren't talking to each other. they're silently hunchbacked over their phones. ncer >> you go to a concert instead of enjoying the moment. >> everyone's fussing to record it. when you glance at your phone, u
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what do you see? >> scroll, scroll, scroll. e fr >> you see friends you rarely see and you'll see strangers see you'll never know. >> they call it your feed and it feels like a feeding tube into the lifeless body that doesn't move. they say you're hooked on your feed, but these are just images. they're not really there . , cook it's cars, cooking, sports, beauty, money, the scroll addicts. you do inaction. you hold your breath.a text >> you get a text.. it's like pavlov's dog now starts wondering, who is it? that's just johnny. what does he want? after staring at your phone, you feel sick. >> you know the feeling. your eyes feel a little damagetl . your chest feels tight, your shoulder feels sore, your spiner aches from technique. >> now give that phone and feed it to a tv to remember when you were a teen. you were a mess. vulnerable. didn't know what you you didn thought.
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the phone's a weapon and we're getting hurtn an. so what are we going to do about it? it?l, the politician s have aalle little game they play called embarrassed the billionaire. >> mr.d embarr zuckerberg.rberg, you and the companies before us. i know you don't mpanie need it to be so, but you have blood on your hands. ouyou have a product. >> you have a product that'skil whlling people. when we had cigarettes killing people, we did somethingyou about it. maybe not enough. you going to talk about guns? weare goin have the atf. nothing here. there's not a thing anybodyu can do about it. >> you can't be sued. now, prime time is in advocating banning instagram. >> cigarettes are guns. we don't do that here. but i need to know exactly what's for sale because the product is being used to sell you. >> it appears that you'r youe trying to be the premier sex trafficking senator in this country. >> that's ridiculous. no, it is not ridiculous. ridice wrote this content on or
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platforms. >> and why don't you take e ity down? >> we do. we are here discussing. we do want to take ito wort down with us. no, you're not. >> you are not. now senators only get about 7 minutes each. >> so hearings descend into chaos and witnesses rope a dope until the bell rings. bey theses actually enjo parameters. >> senators raise money off the feisty videonators clipsay i and witnesses. >> stay disciplined, take a beating, and theed, taken revy little and leave at a dc same day. >> but it's critical to hear what these powerful men have doner whatpowerful. >> listen. these results may contain images of chil>> td sexual abusu and then you gave users two choices get resources or see results anyway. . mr. zuckerberg, what the were you thinking? it's often helpful to.lpfu rather than just blocking itd se
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to help direct them towards something that that could be helpful for gettingbe hel tha to get help. >> what dit d you do nex next?t when someone clicked? you may be getting child sexual abuse images and they click see results anyway.ay. >> what was your next step? so you we take down anything that we think is abusema materialterial on the service. >> did you report the people who want it? do you want me to answer your calo answl?ou >> i want you.yo all right. so zuckerberg gives you an option to view child sex abuse,a but we never really got an answer to that. nsdoes zuckerberg know his products are damaging us but hides the evidence? >> 30 7% of teenage girls between 13 and 15 were exposed e to unwantered in a weekan on instagram. you knew about it. who did you fire? d whdidsenator. this is why we're building. who did you fire? buildsenator, that's. i don't think that that's. who did you fire? i'm not going to answe ot goingr that. that's because you didn't fire anybody, right? se you dfireyou didn't take anyt
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actions. >> it's appropriate to talk >> it'. >> it's not appropriate decisions. >> you know who sitting behind you? >> you've got families from? across the natio got fn whose cd children are either severely harmed or gonere . riate? and you don't think it's appropriate? no. in order. was >> there's families of victims here today. have you apologize od to the victims? i would you like to do so now? well, they're here. you're on national television. would you like nowational to ae to the victims who have been harmed by your showing by y? e foesrmed would you like to apologize for what you've done to these peod peopl te? i just first, apologies. >> better than no apology at all. now, it wasn't that long ago that car.s didn't have seatbelts. remember, detroit knew this was .dangerous and had to be forced to include them in every car that rolled off their assembly lines rolle. congress hasn't forced zuckerberg to do anythinzug.
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>> he's been showing up to these hearings for years. we didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake or certainly a lot of problems that we're handlinbig miste cerg and addressing proactively now. at last year's hearing, last month's hearing, i spoke about the role internet platforms playg i spok. we're ready to work with youo mo to move beyond hearings and get startevengs and d on real refor. same story, different day. and the politiciane s know it. >> i've been here seven years and so far all i've seen, i'm sure there's it's run around now, going to hearings, issuing press releases, talking about the issue. and we've yet to really, really pass a privacy bill. we've donell. a little bit on child exploitation, but we need to do more.. >> now, why would we thinkshingt washington can clean uonp big tech when they can't even clean up the city they live in? >>p th washington let an
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international sex trafficker, jeff epstein, wreak havoc for years at the highest level. >> do you think washingtonsa is going to sanitize social media? >>, get into faceboo k justts as easy as migrants get into the country. intos withinect sale politicians to enforce the rules that they wrote to be brokeote to be brokenn. >> neta and six other tech stocks are the only companies right now keeping the stock market up. >>stoc the magnificent seven washington is not allowed d. go near thesewash guys. >> dc is layered with brigades of tech lobbyists, donations, golf junkets, no show jobs for politicians wives. and when the politicians p or fs agent leaves washington, big tech has jobs for themngtone the fbi facebook suppress the vote. the last electioessen. >> no one paid a price. p chuck schumer's daughteraisrkin are working in lobbying for facebook and amazon. it's a revolvinginfo door of patronage, which is why they roll their eyes at the
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hunter biden thing. >> that's the business model. everybody does i's the bmodel.t they you lose. so don't let, yo zuckerberg be r dad. wake up and unshackle yourself from tech addiction. don't rely on the government and a ce o. it's time for the american people to start taking control positions. >> the host of takedownf with chris hanson and michael esther is the author of the comfort crisis. i will >> they both join me now.u in a michael, i'm going to get to you in a minute because your book change d my life. >> but, chris, tell mes, tel something you actually said you were at one of these hearings years ago. >>hese hea jesse i testified in of congresofs in 2007 on thisn h very issue. >> and at that time in that year, there were 100,000 reports of inappropriate contacts between adults and children on social media platforms. >> last year, there were 30 2sur million such reports to the national center for missing
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and exploiteepnationald childre >> last week, my takedown teamew from trueblun tee and i were in alabama doing another sting operation alabamn. l men >> and still men are exploiting these social media platforms to meear t children online. >> this is the business model of these social media? companies, or this is just a dark sewer on the side that they don't touch. i think it's both. i thinnk it's k on the surface y they want to do something, but the realito soy is unless they're sued and these cases go to a civil coursued, ant ande are huge judgments, or unless jue me embarrass them and families whose childrendi have died or been exploited speak out. >> nothing changeslly expld . >> they talk about laws, they shake their head. but then months downthey sheir , there's a lobbying effort and these things are covered up are first the fir thee things amendment. now i'll fight for the first amendment as aggressively as anybodystamendm else, but thd to make some changes here. >> if our intelligence communit y can set up a matrix filtering system to weed out
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potential terrorist threats. >>y can't we do that for thi whs terrorist threat? where do we want our children? where can we see on this show?e >> we can see it on watch. true, trw takedown with chris hanson podcast predators. >> i've goh t the comfort crisis was one of the best books i've ever written, and a good portion of it. >> esther is just removing your face from the stupid screen. it's the soul out of your body. thes us why we can't rely on these politicians and tech executives to police this. you have to dod it yourself. >> yeah. so my basic theory is that,r you know, everything that improves your life, it's usually going to be uncomfortabling toe at first. so if you want to improve your fitness, you're going to have to exercise. but exercise is uncomfortabl s yoe, less but you'll improve your health throughout. if you want to lose weight, you're going to have to eat less to be hungry. you'll be uncomfortable. and i think that same trend follows with our cell phones. you know. , these thingso are dialed in to capture our attention and to just give uion ans exactly the typeef
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of stimulation that we crave. >> but it's oftestimuln at the expense of our sanity, of our mental healtour sanih and it's us away from all these things that are good for us, like time outdoors, like time with others, like just paying attention to the outsid eiving world and enjoying life and living it. >> so we're like little miceitse on that little vessel and just sitting there getting fat and stupid. >> exactly. so cell phones work outme the exact same mechanisms that slot machines wor mechas ta and that system works in all animals. it is perfecllimals.t at capturg attention, right? you get this random reward at theget this perfect schedule. so you're checkingu ar and rechecking and recheckineg. >> and tech companies know this like they have this absolutely dialed utely di in. they know what is going to capture human attention. they know what is going to holtd it. and the whole point for them is to sell the attention. right. he atten if you're getting a see for free, you are the product. u are being sold. kids an and unfortunately, especially with kids in this bill that has
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had some reallll that y negative effects for youth mental health in this country, it is just crisisntry. levels and it's terrible. chris hansen how funny is itolia when you see the politicians say, yeah, we have hearings, weh throw out press releases, we've done this for years, th years bs. hange >> have they given up? well, it seems like they give in as opposed to give up. in other words, they give in to the lobbyists who dissuade them from passing the sort of legislation needed to crack down. we don'tk do have a standardizedstanda federal law that takes carrdevey of this problem comprehensively. >> we do have some laws on the books., but a lot of the people aren't funded well enough to enforcen't fune them.e >> it doesn't help when schumer's entire family is gettingentire paid by big tet and it controls what goes out of the senate. that's of the usually not helpn but that's what they want and that's why they put them there. >> my great book, love it. >> chris. can't wait to see your next susan. thank you,cho see your jesse.
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10:21 pm
the money on travel, computers and swag. >> the whistle travel, blower confronted and recorded it. he wanted to do things with women that were impossibled and i kept telling him, like, we can't do that. in questioning that, he would take tn't notdoin projects, tel people i wasn't doing what i was supposed to because granestioneded t him, because i understood. i helped write that grant. t.i knew what was in that. he told everyone, we're goingng use et back books. we're going to do that. we're going to get swag. we're going to use it for it'sel. i think you can do that. it's a very, very specific question. so i would say that it that itur was clear to me to do something when i get your loan. and i'm not saying a you're stuck in this role. >> so what do nex?t fired whistleblower seven armed men escorted her out of the office rted. whistleb said the whistleblower didn't meet her standards, and r said an icy still sweat. but do we sense a pattern hereta ? fanny's office takes public money, hires unqualified,
10:22 pm
and the money gets spent on trips and swag. >> this is the woman who's prosecuting trump. >> for years, the left has been down statues of our founding fathers. >> they hate the white mangreatest who created the greatest document and country on earth. >> very few of those rioters were charged because when a liberal badge, a statuea st of thomas jefferson. >> that's good old fashioned free speec thomas h. statue toppling wasn't just tolerated. it was encourageg wasn't jusd by washington's most powerful people like nancy beheading. >> thomas jefferson was free speech, but a man who toppled a statueas of satan is beingbein charged with a hate crime. >> so the devil was erected at the iowa stats erece capitoly a satanic temple right next to the nativity scene in anll intentionally provocative and disrespectful acovocativt. >> so before christmas, a guy beheaded the satan statue.
10:23 pm
the man, former u.s. navy reserve pilot michael cassidy, told primetime it waits good old christian civil disobedience. ee >> i was surprised that ite allo that the legislature allowed it up and that they didn't do anything to takehing t it. and it it offended me. it touched a nerve. it was a, you know, righteous indignation, i call it, you know, christian civil disobedience, disobedience. >> and yes, i took the statue that was there and it foratever the idol, whatever you want to call it. and then want t it's no longer there. >> democrat prosecutors now charging cassidy with a hate crime for removing satan take statue. >> it's a hate crime to take down. it's a hate crimsatan. e to move satan away from baby jesus and cassidy' s facing jail time. and before you play devil's advocate and say, come on. top >> waters toppling a satan satak on religiousin freedom. >> no, this the satanic temple
10:24 pm
admits satan isn't even there.n isgod. >> all right, so you're probably going to go to , right? >> i don't believe in . we're not in four year degree, which is good. >> okay, so how can it be we aai hategiou hat crime to remove a e put up by a made up religiousp a group? pple if we just toppled george washington, he'd be offwn scot free. n evid >> smoking gun evidence that climate scientists are cooking the bookenate scies and georgia is facing a monkey invasionoks.. >> your home on dodgeball. oh, you know, i had a dead cat outside my house once. it smells like that. yeah. this is a beer made by the monks. >> the greeks once they discovered it, they turn it into a ceremony. the original cocktail is
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10:30 pm
>> 20 23 left the records>> 2 tumbling lik02e dominos, confirming it was the hottest year ever recorded. >> hottest year on record, huh? well, how long have you been keeping globalw e you temperat records? i asked my staff. they saitaffd we've only beenone keeping stats on the global r 140 >> so is this really r the hottest year record? >> because how accurate were the global temperature records in 1880 when we started keeping them? >> you're tellineeping g me we had thermometers all over asia, africa and alaska in 1880 and they were accurate. yeah. >> so i ask myself, who'sstaff. measuring the global temperature? >> it's the national oceanic and atmospheribac administration . >> know what? and where are they putting thermometers? we found out. no. is putting the thermometerut ths in the cities. where in the cities? on concrete and asphalt. nd
10:31 pm
>> never been to the city in the summer. you ever walk around in your bare feet on a city sidewalkgust in august? >> it's hot. >> that's where we're puttingng the thermometers to measur thee the world's temperature on little heat. islands, concrete and asphalt to attract and retain heatry si. a lot more than the countryside. >> it ca n be ten degrees hotterin in the city than in the country. >> on the same day we found out the government's been placing thermometers to measure globalng warming on airport runways. >> yea oh. >> others were found in parking lots on rooftops and on concrete sidewalks. >> oh, and we also found them on exhaust. exhas. of ac unit no wonder we think they're swarming. we're literally cooking the books. meteorologist and lieutenant colonel johnme shoot chuck says this documents clearly show that 96% of us temperature reporting stationst
10:32 pm
are improperly located where many produce unrealistic warming through the urban heatle island effect. the solution is simpleff either move the cities, move the thermometers. we hav i think we're going to havee e to move the thermometers. but if w e do, the gazillion dollar green energy industry goes bankrupt. krupt. we can't have that. since global warming is athat big business sin . ll in order to sell you a solution, there needs to beth a probleere nem. and it turns out the scientists created the problesm. th i wonder who paid the scientists who created the problem. coulo created d it be the gover? be the green energy industry? indust yes and yes. >> host of tomi lahren is fearless on outkick tomi lahren kick, t. >> tomi, do they know that itme? gets hot in a city in the summer, hotter than it does in theoes in forests orcountr the countrysidyse? in th well, i'll tell you, i've beency in the city in the summer, especially new york city, n
10:33 pm
and it actually smells like very warm. so, and it interesting that they're putting the thermometers there. but i also say this,mometers je, you know, i was a goody two shoes, so i never did this. but i'm sure a lot of kidsthis. remember putting the thermometer under the hot water so that their parents thin thermomek they were running a fr so that they wouldn't have to go to school. th well, you'lave to g sl be cod to know that this is exactly what the scientists and the government agencies that areishe funding these scientists were doing to, as you said, cook the books so they can make s the us think that we were heading towards an impending climate apocalypse. soing towa they could get more y to fund our little projects. so againnd their, we have all bd eo by big green and the scienc that we're not supposed to question. and sadly, this doesn't surprise mon.e at all. >> tommy i did the same thing, except i didn't run an r underwaterun i just leaned over and put the thermometer up to my reading lamp. >> lightt th bulb. >> my mom comes in 104 levels.le >> sweet thing. why don't you just rest? l >> today?ik worked like a charm, and the scientists just got caught
10:34 pm
doing that for global warming. do you think they're ever goingo to maybe move the thermometers out of the cities? >> well, you just gave them an idea, jesse, because now they're going to put thet m undr there reading lamps to make us think that the temperature is, in fact, risinture ig. t tam so they're going to move them from the airport tarmaacgc to nw . you've just given them more ammunition and probably theirunding, more grante dollars coming their way if they can make it look like things really were heating up24. in 2020 for who knows how much more money in subsidies will give them, they conductnt their very important research. >> all right. and if tommy calls out researc sick from out kick, you better check that thermometer. >> i don't kno w. your >> be careful. we know your know where to put it exactly. thanks, tomm ty. prime time. so grateful for monkeys. >> we use monkeys to test products before humans take them pro. >> like vaccines, medicine, hairspray, even the braiines, mn implants that elon musk put into a human wouldn't dousk put a monkey's brain first prime
10:35 pm
time doesn't want to be a human guinea pig. >> send in the monkeys.n we used to get our monkeys fromt china, but that ended after the pandemic. am so now our monkeys are made in america, which is good prime timeerods, a strong supporter of domestic monkey production. >> but there's a problemofestic where are we going to do thisng dangerous monkey experimentation in the desert? now in your backyard, a small town of bainbridge, georgia, is about to get hit with 30,000 monkeys doublet hi the populati. >> monkeys are good neighbors. residents are worried that they'll spread disease, contaminate the river, or evenw the monkey farm. em i'll work my whole life and my husband work hard. i can't go start over. i can't pick up and go somewhere else. no one's going to want to buy wie ann a and a half i of that, so i'll put it off right now. >> boy, i wants to buy it. let me know. in the meantime, it feels very
10:36 pm
disheartening that our effortsan to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our town maye be jeopardized by one single bad decisionje. but i thank all of you who voted for me. i would like to know why in theo world anyone would do something likeme that. >> now, the developers of the>>t monkey farm sahey it will be liu a maximum security prison,ri which no one ever escapes from prison. >> but why not put the monkey supermax bu in the middle of nowhere? >> if you're testing a nuclear bomb, you don't do i nowheret. >> the suburbs, ten chefs that lives a mile away from the proposed monkey farm. >> james, what are you going to do when.t will the monkeys ce and want to see you? >> won't be a big problem. people exercise their second amendment rights down there in bainbridge, their se but are they jamming this monkey farm down your throat? yes. we knew nothing about it until two weeks ago. and they said they started it
10:37 pm
back in september of this year of last year. thd then they even before, you know, in two weeks, they started a we're all facebook started page and is gotten close to 6000 people have joined ie ople havte weeks. >> look what we've seen what bats can do aftern what b the pandemic when you experiment on them with viruses. experience god knows what they're going to be doing with the monkeys. you can get all sorts of ridiculou monkes diseases lie pinkeye. >> remember the woman in pennsylvania that was attackedoman and by the escaped monkey from the semi-truck? >> her eyes closed shut? yeah truck?. sandlin it had a warm washcloth up and go likem up a this for 6s where they, like, spread all kinds of diseases. they don'tread all have a playpr these monkeys and.bite mosquitoes get in there by the monkeys. next, the residents of bainbridge, georgia.
10:38 pm
yeah. did they not think of the mosquitoes or anything that could infest the monkeyk o fur and then hop, hop, hip-hop onto their lab coats . no next thing you know, they're at arby's back cocktails with the a rest of the residents. then all of a sudden, you get pinkeye. and both sudt pie eyes can't se. anything. >> and then you drive home and crash into a tre then ye. >> tub tuberculosiser. >> i mean, tuberculosis, smallpox, monkeypox, the listys goes on and on. >> we're hoping you guys don't have to wear body down there to we in bainbridge. >> we're going to do everything l dotn in prime time to protec you from the monkey farm. we support experimenting on monkeys because w oe don't guine want to be the guinea pigs. >> but not in bainbridge. you le t us know if they cross that line. okay. we neeline d all the help we cant. get in bainbridge. >> i would appreciate every bit of it. all right, mr. chestnut, thanks, as always. keep us posted. movie >> now, what movie that was
10:39 pm
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10:41 pm
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are you like to laugh? >> it's good for you. while we're stress takes the edge off. that's why gutfeld is the king of late night. i don' of. t find them funny, but is head and shoulders above the competition. >> take, for example, jon stewart. tho decades ago, he tookers ovet the reins of the daily appr sarcastic humor and the approach made him a household name. >> sure, he hit the righold t a lot . we can take it, but he'd hitthe the left till we camlefte oute o of the white house. >> not only dead broke, but in debt. only deabut ini still get emotit thinking about don't hold it against me that all that ick o don't own a single stock or bond. >> don't hold it against me. >> but i need a bucket outside. wh with the poverty?in >> tourette's? why do these two seem to think we need a hobo fork we presiden? >> but after a while, stewart got stale, and so did all latesa nighrt gt. >> you know, the show has turned into political soapboxes.
10:45 pm
they called that the country racist. now the daily show's bringing stewar t back after anr eight year absence, hoping he can fix the disaster. he kinabsenchoping hd of helped. >> the problem is society's changed. people are not only angry about current jokes, they're going back in time to try bac to tear down. the classics. >> take the movie airplane. it he would never fly in today's age. >> jokes like this and getsc you canceled. >> i've got to get out of here. i've goi'm getting out. go down. get a hold of yourself. stewart, please let me ehandl this. got on down. and get now get back to your seat. i'll take care this time from t down hercae. out here. i'll be one of the folks. everything's been >> jokes about speaking jive. >> oh, cnn would freak out. omeg >> can i get you something
10:46 pm
similar for the lean into the barn? take me up. >> take me. i'm sorry. i don't understand . cutty. say can't hang. oh, stewardess, i speak jive. >k oh, good jiv. he said that he's in great pain and want to know if you can help me. >> all right. >> w him to just relax and i'll be back as soon as i can with some medicine? >> just hangs loose. >> blood sugar to catch up on bad ag meds. what to do is big mama. mam >> mama, mama. louise. no dummies. i took a rapdn't up some slack and making a character too flamboyant>> makin. >> forget about it. you get a sternly worded lettetr from glatt. >> what kind of plane is. oh, it's a big, pretty white plane with red stripes and curtains in the window and wheels, and it looks like a big tylenol. we're go to the towe r. >> good luck. they're going to tie the tower . the tower. rapunzel, rapunzel, airplane.ny >> and many of the classics never would make i
10:47 pm
t today. >> and that's a shame. david zucker is the writer and director of the hit movie. >> he joins us now. david, couldus now you ever make airplane today? actually? of course we could, just without the joke we couls. yeah, that's true. true. well, i mean, you have a stereotype for a reason,ce right? >> like, white people can't dance. women are manipulative. the brazilians are great at soccer. what is wrong with playing with that? >> right. and jewsat are not great sports heroes. >> so, you know, we would do whatever whatever we thought was funny. and we and we put itwas fu on. >> it was just natural that,e gu you know, the the guy who played the air the and the flamboyant air controller, steve stucker, was in our kentucky fried theater show and pico boulevard in l.a. in the early seventies. >> and we just you know, we did whatever we thought was funny and mainly actually, we were kind of angry. you know, we you know, we would watch like the airport movies ad
10:48 pm
and the store, the the nun lit would be talking sweetly. the little girl played by linda blair justplayed b made us angra so w we you know, we didho a whe thing on that. anything to subvert this whole idea of the innocence airlhildren and the are the bravery of the airline captains. and we wanted to poke hole.seal in all that. >> and that's really what we did. there's in comede y about subversion. isn't that the core essence of whaersion?essence t you're to get right to the edge, maybe the get over it a little bit, kinddl of shake everything up and then laugh about itit? yeah, that's what we always did. you know, we would take alwayse the movie as a spoof on a 1957 movie called zero hour, which was like straighled zerot, humo. >> and we thought it was wonderful, actually, unintentionally funny in many parts. there was actually ay scene in that where the doctor says, stewardessays, ste, i think youe
10:49 pm
to know what our chances are. we have to find somebody back theres fin who not only cy this plane, but who didn't have fish for dinner, and that we put right in airplane that went right into the scripts . other things, you know, we went to see the movie shaft, and this was in the middle in the mid 70s. we loved it. and but walking out of theing o theater, we said it was great, but we couldn't understand what the dialog the characters were saying. >> so and i think we probablyd t said, why don't we? yeah, what if we put subtitles? and that's put really what howan that became an airplane. >> well, everything is a classic film. >> we love it. every time it's on cable, we stop whatever we're doing and watching it. >> and gutfeld needs some help by thell way, i was going to give the you my number after the commercial break combreak. f you've seen his show, but the writers, they could use you. >> zucker i could really use you. well, i'm kind of busy not working here in l.a., so yeah,
10:50 pm
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get free shipping and 365 day returns at cuenca. >> hey, how you doing? buckle up. sorry about this. how long is this? not a spy bloke? sit back. instagram should be called. this what i look like if i was hot. yeah. joy ride. streaming now on fox nation water cooler. >> let's bring in author of the cancel culture dictionary. >>ca oh, the only dictionary evr read. >> hey, shots fired from water. it's also got a special ad on fox nation. >> jimmy failla and i pronounce his name right this time. so it's me now. tit, one guy.ay n >> picture this. all right. friday night. i love this. the wife, your girlfrienighte, girlfrd, shet said she can't decide what she wants. >> typical italian. i don't knowe . in >> sushi? i don't think so. we're hungry. we to make a decision. >> so some smart guys came up u with a new strategy. watch. >> so they're going to win.oi ngit's chipotle.
10:56 pm
yeah. how do you. how do you know that's creating that? let's go. guess what i'm thinkin g. >> oli >> you just just guessed all the good stuff to get right. absolutely got right. >> we've been together three women together. i know you are. >> oh, why can't women decide anything? well, listen, thisything two ths i have to preface here, okay? these are young couples. okay, this trick doesn't work. if you've been in a long termre relationship, it's guess where i'm taking you tlationiso dinne >> i'm surprised you're even taking me out. you're a loser. but anywayout, lose he, it doesn you're young and everything's enthusiastic. >> but this is why this is covering for real. okay? the reason women. okay. men don'r real e reasont appreciate your in decisiveness when it comes to dinner is we want passion. >> we want to be passionate about what we're doing. and when we say, what do you want for dinner? and you go youon't rea, i reall. you pick. that's not enthusiastic. you know what i mean? that's 's not i like to tell people where we're going
10:57 pm
to dinner. ohpeop, we're going here.if m oh, listen to me, okay? i give my wife a say. like if sh make weight on thursy night, we'll go out friday. okay? she's to get off that yell. okay, we're going to go out friday. okay. she should i am beiilly wait on beer. she makes what i was barely giving up over here. >> no, i'm now, nobody ever does thisis, b >> but i go to costco all the time. it's seriously the deals, the pizza, the free samples,pizz and now people are on to the returna policy. we ar >> we are returning a two and a half year old coucg a twh to co. and i don't know why i'm so am o nervous. t long i think maybe because, like, it's been that long, but like, we, ought it from costco they gave us our refund or we went to his card. >> so, yeah, it worked. buy your friendship from costco, girl. you can return it when you like it anymoreyou ca. >> okay, so she was on that couch for two years doing god knows what. you can't return that.>> i don no. and here's the thing. i don't believe her, though. the videieveo doeso doesn't shoe
10:58 pm
the receipt. they've disabled the comments. there'ipt. couc footage of that couch inside costco. it's confidence game. it's liktco.e. hey, y'all. i return my couch. here's a video of my couch in the parking n th. here's me back in the house again, claiming i return my couch and let md toye be very clear. i've owned some couches in my bachelor days that tried to returs ann themselves to cos. i don't know that this is real. i think a lot of tik tok is manipulative context. i give this. you're saying jesse from time was duped and you might have been did they try to get you waters they know y kn anythin you're doing this. >> i have no standards. i'll fall for any smollett we knew what that was about. a new spa in new hampshire is facing a lot of backlash from the neighbors. >> why? wellighbors., it's because it'st really any old spa. >> it's a diaperol spa.adul adults go there and dress up like babies and wear diapers. hmm. well, so have you been. first >> this is not the first diaper spot of. have another one. it's called the whit d e house.ent. >> hey, there it is.this i to shot at the president. no, this is weir d. and the fact that we're calling
10:59 pm
it out as weird means we're, like, a month away frommonth being called diaper phobes, because that's what this becomes. >> some incalled has a king feta that shouldn't be around children. we push back on behalf of children. what kind of women get told we're diaper shaming? yeah, i sa w. >> i wasn't going to give it to you, but i'll take a lot of cheap shots at jimmy today because you have a new book out. it's a very well that i paged through it the other night right before i slid my diapere r off and fires you dirt bag by the cancel culture dictionary. it mat >> cell culture dictionary. it's hot. go get it. it matters. you kids today. what's this ridiculous sherpa blanket you have there, jesse watters. >> oh,ha you get ready.this i this is for valentine's day. this is s a fox news valentine's day sherpa blanket. der here you can get under here with your loved one or you're not so love wd one and snuggle canoodle, do whatever you want. do what that girl di
11:00 pm
dan that couch for two and a half years. >> also, we got cops. we got years jesse watters prime mags. gutfeld ones that. watters primetimcupse are a lite bit better quality shouldn't have said that. >> what a fact. but the gutfeld mug is the same size as greg, which is cutize. . that's right. extra small. let's see some texts extramall. grace from illinois, sendte the monkeyxts.s to martha'srd. vineyard. >> oh, boy. oh bm paw paw, michigan. is that really a city? papais tha? ed the world needs more. chr chris hansen's right about nowis . >> i'm telling you what a good guy. kevin from covington. louisiana. >> jesse, our family has a strict and a cell phone policy. during dinner, we reserve that for prime time. >> i love you and your family. i'm waters youmily and this is y world. and welcome to. hannity and today, big two big tech ceos, they were grille.d duringri


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